Km & Jl Green Farming go for the Green Solution

Dec 12, 2013   //   by NFFM   //   News

Km & Jl  Green Farming go for the Green Solution

Kelvin & Jackie Green along with their Son Marcus have gone for the full green solution, with a 6150R & 6115R. The full spec 6150R with AutoTrac, Autopower and front PTO will be the main tractor on the farm, doing all the ploughing, hauling and mowing with their John Deere front and rear Moco’s, the 6115R will be mainly doing haulage work and feeding.

The main reason for going green was the dealer support from New Forest Farm Machinery, the John Deere Comfort, reliability and efficiency, they also have moved to Front and Rear Moco’s, and do a huge amount of fertilizing, becasuse of this they felt that AutoTrac would be a huge benefit to them, saving time, fuel, and money. 

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