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Robert Bovett & Frank Winter-Taylor Awarded with an LTA3.

Dec 14, 2011   //   News  

We are proud to announce that Robert Bovett and Frank Winter-Taylor, two of our Service Technicians, have been awarded with Service Technician LTA 3, two of only three Technicians in the whole of the South of England. These awards are presented by the UK’s biggest governing body for the Landbased sector, IAgrE.


LTA3 is the highest qualification in this sector, and involves all sorts of different skills some of them being, solving practical engineering problems. They are professionals with supervisory or technical responsibility, and apply safe systems of working. They contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, decommissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes or services.

Robert and Frank have done a huge amount of training, and passed a number of exams over a number of years to get to the level that they are now, so from everyone at New Forest Farm Machinery, Congratulations.


 To find out more about IAgrE click here

New 6R Series Tractors Offer More Power, Comfort and Security.

Dec 8, 2011   //   News  

Following the introduction in June 2011 of the new 6R Series large frame tractors, John Deere is now unveiling the complete 6R tractor range.

Nine models from 105 to 210hp (125 to 240hp with Intelligent Power Management/IPM) are now available. Featuring the new John Deere tractor family styling, all 6R models offer new levels of power, performance and operator comfort, including improved suspension and cab visibility, more powerful hydraulics and increased lift capacities.

The 6210R is equipped with a Stage IIIB 6.8-litre six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine rated from 140 to 210hp.


Models from the 6105R to 6130R are equipped with a Stage IIIB 4.5-litre four-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine rated from 105 to 130hp. IPM generates 20 additional hp (according to 97/68EC) for road and pto applications. The 6130R model is powered by a four-cylinder engine mounted on a six-cylinder frame. With its longer wheelbase, this tractor is designed for better performance, and features:

  • Higher lift capacity
  • More fuel tank capacity
  • Improved loader performance
  • Higher stability and driveability during transport and in hilly conditions

The 6140R to the 6210R are equipped with a Stage IIIB 6.8-litre six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine rated from 140 to 210hp, or a maximum of 160 to 240hp with IPM (according to 97/68EC). John Deere’s fuel efficient diesel-only engine uses field proven technology to meet the latest emission standards, based on exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), with the addition of an exhaust filter that contains a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF), as widely used in the construction and automotive industries.

Based on John Deere’s established full-frame design, these new tractors also have a longer wheelbase of 2580mm (6105R to 6125R), 2765mm (6130R to 6150R) or 2800mm (6170R to 6210R). These frames provide improved stability for loader applications. In addition, a higher permissible weight and payload allow bigger and heavier implements to be carried.

The large frame models offer the same wheelbase as the previous John Deere 7810 tractor, and can be fitted with larger Group 48 tyres with a maximum diameter of 205cm, which is unique to the industry in this tractor category. Similarly, the 6140R and 6150R can be equipped with group 47 tyres with up to 195cm diameter, which is also a unique industry feature. A 2m tread setting is available for either fixed or adjustable wheels, with the option of a flanged or rack & pinion axle on the large frame models.

An integrated front hitch with a lift capacity of 4000kg and a new front pto are also available ex-factory for the first time on 6R Series tractors. The front hitch is fully compatible with the new John Deere H-Series front loaders, which have been designed to provide maximum visibility and to match the new tyre size and tractor chassis dimensions.

 The front hitch is fully compatible with the new John Deere H-Series front loaders, which have been designed to provide maximum visibility.

With the newly designed 24-speed DirectDrive transmission, John Deere has introduced a completely new technology to the agricultural machinery industry. The double clutch technology is already established in the prestige car industry, and is now available in a tractor for the first time. It combines the handling comfort of an infinitely variable shift transmission (IVT) with the power efficiency of a mechanical transmission, and has been designed to provide outstanding efficiency for ploughing and towing, pto work and road transport.

Key customer benefits are enhanced power efficiency and improved fuel efficiency, resulting in savings of up to 10g/kWh compared to an IVT transmission. Additionally, just like in Formula 1 racing cars, electromagnetic actuators enable fast changes between speeds and ranges.

The operator can choose between a manual mode to take command of forward and reverse speed changes via the control lever, or an automatic mode. In this mode, speeds within a range are automatically changed as well as the A, B and C ranges. Depending on the actual load, the Efficiency Manager function optimises the tractor’s efficiency by automatically matching the appropriate speed and engine rpm. The 40 or 50kph top speeds are achieved with significantly reduced engine rpm.

 The AutoPowr continuously variable transmission, as well as AutoQuad Plus and PowrQuad Plus with SoftShift for smoother gear changes under load, complete the range of transmission options. The 40kph AutoQuad Plus EcoShift transmission can produce lower engine rpm at high transport speeds, to maximise operator comfort and reduce fuel consumption. With the new AutoPowr drive pedal mode, operators can choose between three different settings depending on the application or their driving strategy.

 The new 6R ComfortView cab has over 20 per cent more space and a similar increase in visibility. It offers a completely new level of operator comfort, with features such as the 7in full-colour GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display with optional touch screen and video capability, integrated climate and radio controls, Bluetooth connectivity with SIM card access and an optional panorama roof. The display is fully compatible with ISOBUS and tractor-implement automation (TIA) applications. Furthermore, the GS3 CommandCenter offers complete AutoTrac automatic steering capability.


Further options include the new HCS Plus hydraulic cab suspension and TLS Plus triple link suspension for the front axle, to provide optimum traction and operator comfort. TLS Plus transfers up to seven per cent more power onto the ground, and features +/-50mm of suspension travel as well as automatic adjustment of axle sensitivity and the suspension rate.

 The new versatile lighting system on 6R Series tractors delivers 185 per cent more light output compared to previous models. It includes up to 10 cab lights integrated into the front, rear and sides of the roof line to provide 320 degree lighting, plus six adjustable belt-line and rear fender field lights. An additional six field, spot and road lights on the grille complete the lighting possibilities, as well as eight optional Xenon lights that are all controlled from the CommandCenter display.

 Alongside the new 6R Series tractors, John Deere is also offering its newly designed 6210RE model. Based on the previous 7430E and 7530E Premium tractor design, the 6210RE will additionally deliver 20kW of electric power on the move, to run electrically driven motors on a range of tractor implements.

 New John Deere 6R Series tractors

6R Series model Rated engine power (hp) Rated power with IPM
6105R 105 125
6115R 115 135
6125R 125 145
6130R 130 150
6140R 140 160
6150R 150 170
6170R 170 200
6190R 190 220
6210R 210 240


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John 7280R Awarded Tractor of the Year 2012

Nov 17, 2011   //   News  

John Deere’s new 7280R tractor has been chosen as Tractor of the Year 2012 from a group of seven finalists by a jury of 20 European farm machinery magazine editors. The award was made at the Agritechnica event in Hanover, Germany (15-19 November 2011), which is the world’s largest indoor agricultural equipment show.

James Wienkes (pictured left), tractor engineering manager at the John Deere Waterloo Works in the US, and German branch manager Helmut Korthöber received the Tractor of the Year 2012 trophy at the show on behalf of John Deere.

The John Deere 7280R develops a maximum of 310hp with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) and represents state-of-the-art tractor technology. In addition to featuring a fuel-efficient Stage IIIB diesel-only engine, the 7280R is available with ActiveCommand Steering, which won a DLG Gold Medal at Agritechnica in 2009.

The optional ActiveCommand Steering system automatically adapts the steering force for optimum control and manoeuvrability in the field and on the road. In addition, the tractor’s CommandView II cab with CommandArm operator console, GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display and optionally available ActiveSeat suspension – which won a DLG Silver Medal this year – provides ultimate operator comfort.


The 7280R is designed as a highly versatile workhorse for contractors and larger arable farms, and is equipped ex-factory with complimentary JDLink Ultimate telematics plus Service ADVISOR remote monitoring and diagnostics systems for the first year of ownership. For added security, all 7R Series tractors are fitted as standard with CESAR Datatag and immobiliser systems, with a unique transponder based key.

To find out more about the new range of John Deere products please contact us by clicking on the link below.

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John Deere Listed in 100 Best Global Brands 2011

Nov 2, 2011   //   News  


John Deere has been included in the list of the 100 Best Global Brands for the first time. This annual ranking is compiled by the consulting firm Interbrand and covers all industries worldwide.





Interbrand recognised that John Deere is continuously strengthening its global presence. “The brand is also widening its focus by going beyond equipment to provide farmers and landowners with expert advice on how to get the most out of their land,” Interbrand noted in the ranking comments. “This programme ties directly into the brand’s sincere commitment to sustainable practices, which has earned it international recognition, especially for its green building designs and energy conservation efforts,” the report said.

“Being recognised as one of the top 100 brands among thousands of corporations reflects our consistent approach to serving our customers, and is the result of our ongoing commitment to markets outside North America,” said Mark von Pentz, President of John Deere’s Agriculture & Turf Division. “This recognition will further strengthen our dedication to serve those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich or build upon the land to meet the increasing global need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.”






For further information:

Interbrand’s selection process for the 100 Best Global Brands has been certified by the International Organisation for Standards as compliant with the ISO 10668 requirements for determining the monetary value of brands. Besides a public profile and awareness above and beyond its own marketplace, criteria include financial performance, presence in at least three major continents and a broad coverage in growing and emerging markets. Based on a calculated Brand Value, John Deere holds 97th place among the world’s 100 Best Global Brands. The ranking spans from Coca Cola and IBM (Nos. 1 & 2) to Ferrari and Harley-Davidson (Nos. 99 & 100).

The all New 6000R & 7000R Tractors from John Deere.

Oct 25, 2011   //   News  

The R-Evolution. Are you ready?

All R Series tractors have been infused with state-of-the-art know-how from top to bottom: sensational new suspension comfort, unprecedented cab visibility and an integrated technology concept.
R you ready?







Please contact us for more details.

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