John Deere Gators

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John Deere Gators

Welcome to the John Deere Gator range, one the most versatile ATV’s on the planet, the range has never been so good, there really is something for everyone, weather you are at Home, on a Golf Course or on Farm.

You can choose from a range that is above and beyond all competitive machines, Electric, Petrol or Diesel there really is something to suit every application, and here at New Forest Farm Machinery we stock all ranges and are more than happy to show you the benefits of owning one of our machines.

Work and Utility

The Work and Urility range consists of 6 different models, with veirying applications:

  • CX Gator 4×2 9.5hp petrol engine, 363kg payload.

The compact Gator CX is unbeatable for negotiating narrow paths and tight tracks or weaving your way through shrubs and bushes. This type of terrain brings out the best in this little trooper. If space is at a premium, but you don‘t want to sacrifice the diversity and quality you‘ve come to expect from John Deere, this compact all-rounder is the perfect choice.

  • TS Gator 4×2 9.5hp petrol engine, 408kg payload.

Got a load of over 400 kg? No problem. Let the Gator TS take the strain – powered by a 350 cc petrol engine combined with a surprisingly light footprint on turf. But that‘s not all. With its exceptional stability, intuitive operation, rugged steel cargo box and tiltable tailgate, the Gator TS delivers the ultimate in smooth efficiency.

  • TX Gator 4×2 utility & Turf 17hp petrol engine, 454kg payload.

Carrying capacity and a smooth ride combined with even more comfort for you? Sounds impossible? Think again. Our Gator TX Turf delivers both! A strong engine and payload capacity of 454 kg transform this model into a real workhorse whilst providing a gentle touch to preserve the grass.

  • TE Gator 4×2 Electric 48V 409kg payload.

Golf courses, work premises or even enclosed spaces – the Gator TE has what it takes where being green matters, and where quiet, emission-free operation is the order of the day. With a long pedigree of impressive credentials – including powerful batteries, rapid torque rise and the new multifunctional Deluxe Cargo Box – the Gator TE means you can now opt for an electric drive without compromising on power.

  • TH Gator 6×4 Diesel 21hp, 544 payload.

How can you make light work of a half-ton load? Easy – with the Gator TH 6×4 Diesel. It‘s our answer to particularly weighty problems and can transport a full 544 kg with no problem at all. What‘s more, the extremely low load height really takes the weight off your shoulders! With six wheels and a low centre of gravity, the Gator TH 6×4 keeps your feet firmly on the ground at all times. And because work can never go quickly enough, it‘s always got enough energy to leap into action – in short, when it comes to action they bring it.

Cross-over Utility

The Cross-over range comprizes of three models, these are for unforgiving terrian, with on demand 4 wheel drive, and independent suspention;

  • 550 XUV Gator, 570cc, 4×4 45kph road speed.

The Gator XUV 550 Crossover Utility Vehicle is designed for customers who desire performance, comfort, and 4WD for a great value. With its powerful V-twin engine, independent four-wheel suspension, and wide attachment portfolio, the Gator XUV 550 provides an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability in the mid-duty class.

  • 550 S4 XUV Gator, 570cc, 4×4 45kph road speed, 4 seater.

The Gator XUV 550 S4 is designed for customers who desire comfort, customization, multiple passenger carrying capacity and 4WD, all for a great value.  The roomy operator station, independent four-wheel suspension, foldable rear bench and wide attachment portfolio make this Gator ideal for all transportation tasks.

  •  855D XUV Gator, 21hp Diesel, 4×4, 52kph road speed.

Introducing the ultimate member of the Gator family – the Gator XUV 855 Diesel. When our engineers are given free rein, the result is a utility vehicle that is simply beyond compare. This Gator utility vehicle is always the right choice – whatever your plans and no matter how tough the terrain. With its innovative technologies and ultra-strong components, you won‘t believe the sheer power of the Gator XUV 855 Diesel.

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