John Deere Greens Mowers

John Deere Greens Mowers


180SL/220SL/260SL Walking Greens Mowers

Dual-traction rear drums powered by an external differential drive delivers even power distribution for straighter striping. A forward-mounted pivot point reduces operator influence over the cutting plane of the mower. Hand adjustment knobs allow for easy, fine adjustment of bedknife-to-reel, and speed link bar connecting the quick adjust towers, so adjustment to height of cut can be carried out from just one side of the machine.

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220 E-CUT Hybrid Walking Greens Mower

A true contour-following cutting head walking greens mower with a full-contouring 22 in (58.8 cm) QA5 cutting unit that freely moves to follow curves, the 220 E-Cut Hybrid makes the cleanup cut as easy as mowing the rest of the green. And that’s not the only way it keeps your crew ahead. The new Quick Adjust reel means height of cut can be set in seconds. A simple dial changes the frequency of clip, so you can tailor greens speed. And backlapping is such a cinch with its integrated electric motor, you can easily do it every day.

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2500B/2500E Greens Mowers

The 2500 Series offers you a standard hydraulic drive unit and also offers you the choice of an E-Cut Hybrid model which virtually eliminates the possibility of hydraulic leaks by removing all hydraulics from the reel circuit. In addition, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrids reduce fuel usage and sound levels, without compromising cut quality. An alternator keeps the reels going at the correct speed – while the engine stays at a reduced throttle. And unlike a battery, which drains over time, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid’s alternator stays at a constant power level, delivering the same quality of cut on the first green as it does on the last.

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