Our Ifor Williams Trailer Range

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  • Horseboxes

We sell  the full range of horseboxes ranging from the HB403 model is the single horsebox trailer, suitable for transporting one horse up to 16.2hh. The HB506 is one of the most popular double horsebox trailer model and takes two horses up to 16.2hh. The HB511 horsebox model can accommodate two horses up to 17.2hh. All three horse trailer models are available with a left or right front offload ramp as standard, with a lockable groom’s door positioned on the opposite side.

  • XL Horseboxes

The HB610 represents the largest trailer and can carry two large horses up to 17.2 hh with room to spare or up to five ponies.The HB610 has a headroom of 2.3m and a locking groom’s door fitted as standard.

The HB510XL offers the flexibility of carrying two horses up to 17.2 hh or up to four ponies.The HB510XL comes with a headroom of 2.3m and a locking groom’s door as standard.

With the HB510XL and the HB610 has a maximum gross weight of 3500kg. An additional benefit is the extra storage space available in the wind deflector, accessible from inside the trailer.The sliding windows and roof vents provide a comfortable and safe environment for your horse, ensuring plenty of light and fresh air. Additional comfort is provided through thick rubber floor matting.

  • Livestock

The most recognisable livestock trailer, seen at markets and on farms across the UK. The Ifor Williams brand is synonymous with livestock trailers, trusted by farmers for over 50 years. The Ifor Williams range of livestock trailers accommodates all livestock from cattle, sheep and pigs to Alpacas and Lammas plus many others.

From the smallest P6e to the largest 14’ tri axle, Ifor Williams Trailers have something to meet the demands of most livestock farmers. From sheep and pigs to heifers and prize bulls we have the trailer for the job. The renowned EasyLoad sheep deck system has never been bettered by the competition making Ifor Williams the leader in livestock trailers in the UK.

  • Beavertail

Closely related to the flatbed range, and with the addition of a sloping rear bed section, these trailers offer the flexibility of a flatbed with the added benefit of a low loading height to the rear of the trailer.

  • Flatbed

Whenever there’s work to be done you’ll find a flatbed model to help you do it. The flatbed trailers epitomize the flexibility of our commercial range. Purchasers from roofers to gardeners, small businesses to local authorities have all found that this range of trailers can carry heavy or bulky loads with ease.

  • Tipper

A regular on building sites all over the UK and Europe, the Ifor Williams tipping trailer is the builder’s perfect partner from 8”x”5 to “12x”6, with optional electric tip, these trailers make light work of moving all sorts of different materials.

  • Car Transporter

Take a look at any of the trailer range and you’ll find that safety, flexibility and ease of use are included as standard. The car transporter range is no exception, providing a robust and reliable vehicle-carrying solution for motorsports enthusiasts, hire firms and motor trade professionals.

  • Boxvan

Whatever you need to carry, there’s an Ifor Williams Box Van to suit your needs. Take a look at the features and you’ll find practicality, durability and reliability built in.

  • Plant Trailers

The Ifor Williams plant trailer range is designed specifically for transporting plant machinery and has been standard equipment for many plant users and plant hire firms since the 1980s. We offer three distinct types of plant trailer; The GP, GX & GH Range.

  • Canopies

Ifor Williams Trailers manufactures Canopies for both trailers and Pick-up vehicles. All Canopies are produced from the same high strength, durable materials as the trailers – high grade aluminium for the framework and panels, and hot dip galvanized steel for the tailgate and hinges.

  • Small Domestic

The Ifor Williams small trailer range provides a low-cost entry into towing for thousands of new users every year. Many owners have chosen these trailers for their ease of handling and towing plus their value for money. The extensive features add up to make an unbraked trailer the ideal choice for the smaller load, ranging from a 500kg to a 750kg max gross weight, from 3”/5” to 4”/7” internal dimensions.

  • General Duty

The General Duty trailers are at home in almost any environment, with virtually any type of load, from building materials to expedition equipment. Tough, adaptable and easy to maintain, the General Duty range is designed to withstand the daily rigours of the construction industry and other arduous conditions.

  • Tiltbeds

For owners of vehicles with low ground clearance or those in the vehicle recovery business, the tiltbed is an ideal choice. It provides all the benefits of the flatbed range, combined with an easily-tilted platform for effortless loading.


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